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Determine your life insurance needs based on financial obligations, choose between whole or term life, ensure affordability, and guarantee your family’s payout only with Dependable Coverage.
Dependable Coverage checks your financial situation, your debts and future expenses and determines the appropriate amount to cover your entire life insurance.
Our team will help you determine whether you should opt-in for whole life or term life insurance based on your specific requirements such as cash value and more.
We will secure your family’s payout by updating beneficiaries and keeping your policy details current. We will also regularly review your coverage to account for life changes.

Understanding the Different Life Insurance Services

Understanding the Different
Life Insurance Services

Burial Insurance

Burial life insurance stands out as a top choice in the life insurance arena, offering beneficiaries up to $25,000 in death benefits at an incredibly affordable rate for the policyholder. With a range of options to pick from, burial life insurance is a straightforward fit for almost anyone.

Whole Life Insurance

As the most prevalent form of permanent life insurance, whole life insurance ensures consistent monthly payments. Some policies can even be fully paid off after a specific number of years. Predictable cash value growth is a key feature, thanks to a fixed interest rate.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning serves to remove uncertainties in probate administration and maximize estate value by minimizing taxes and related expenses. Failing to plan properly can result in substantial estate losses, with cases where over 50% is paid out in taxes being a significant pitfall.

Universal Life

Universal life insurance offers flexibility by allowing policyholders to adjust protection levels and control payment frequency. Beyond providing family protection, it also incorporates strategies for leaving a lasting legacy through the accrued cash value.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers crucial protection for your family at a more budget-friendly cost compared to other life insurance options. However, it’s important to note that once the term ends, coverage terminates, or premiums may sharply increase.

No Medical Exam

For those pressed for time, our no medical exam policies provide a hassle-free way to secure life insurance. Skip the complexities of examinations and medical histories – no blood, no urine tests, and no need for regular check-ups with doctors.

Secure Your Family’s Future with Life Insurance

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