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Total Care Assurance

Make the most of our “Total Care Assurance” package offering comprehensive medical services, mental health support, and proactive wellness coverage for a healthier, happier workforce.

Comprehensive Medical Services

Ensure all-encompassing coverage for check-ups, treatments, prescriptions, and diagnostics.

Mental Health Support

Prioritize mental well-being with coverage for counseling, therapy, and psychiatric care.

Wellness and Preventive Care

Promote health proactively with coverage for vaccinations, screenings, and lifestyle programs.

Our Complimentary Group Insurance Services

Explore Total Health Security

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Discover Monthly Ease

Embrace simplicity with Dependable Coverage’s “Product of the Month” – a monthly payment solution covering all administration fees, stop loss premium, and claims liability charges. Click for stress-free insurance management.

Risk-Free Workers Comp

Join the 99% satisfied clients at Dependable Coverage! Click to explore how our Workers Comp services deliver an 85% average improvement in risk experience, ensuring you and your employees are in safe hands.

Tailored Health Insurance Plans for Fellow Americans

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